Sunday, November 15, 2009

Round the Same ol' Mountain...

I felt the need to pull myself out of this funk.  Remember that 'waiting' funk I was in for a while.. till I realized 'waiting sucks donkey doo  is bad" and I would pick up with life and move on?  The waiting for a travel date... feels (felt)...      sickening.

Well I went back and read this post.  And I can honestly answer the question: NO. I keep attempting some sort of tug-o-war.  You know what?  Its not a game. Its not supposed to be a struggle. Little by little -I have faith I'll get better (although a big break through would be quite welcomed!)

I followed up reading this one.

Hmmm. Seems I've been here before. Traveled this path. What's the parable?  Going around and round the same mountain. ???


Jennifer M said...

I am so bummed you still have no word. You need to go get T NOW!

If only 'some day' could be tomorrow. Wouldn't that be grand?

No real words I have can offer any comfort my friend. Only that I'll rejoice with you when all this horrid waiting is DONE for GOOD!

Adopting1Soon said...

That's for the eloquent comment on my blog. What a well written response.