Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sunday Smile...

I do want to share whats been going on, and soon I'll find time to fill you in. I also want to tell you that our 2nd year of Family celebrations is going much smoother and far less traumatic (and no ER visits) than our 1st years celebrations. It is. More later.
This could've been a quick snapshot, sort of post. but it isn't. I saw amazing things today. Little gifts, evidence of His presence. Evidence He's been here all along.

Today is a day to rejoice. No. Make that REJOICE!!! 

Healing. Healing. Healing. God is good, baby and don't forget it! 

He's not done yet. This I know.

Two years ago, almost to the day, we first went into the YMCA Gymnastics field house. He didn't quite know what to do. He had no idea really.  The first couple times he grabbed a stroller and pushed it around the track... sort of. That was the gist of free play to him. You push things or pull them. (truth be told it's still the most common theme). 

His body was, soft. 

No. Really. 
Squishy. Bones. Joints. Tissue. 

Muscle tone pretty non existent. Meaning- You could press on the bottom of his toes and his entire foot could flex all the way back to touch his shin. Ya. Soft.

Zero arm strength. Other than eating.. ya... I'm going with a zero.

It's not just limb strength I'm talking about. When picking him up, he needed to be picked up using your entire lower arms as support. Hold him 'too tight' (meaning barely touch him) and you'd feel his ribs move and pop from normal position between vertebra.

(Sadly, and oddly, the loose joint and structures leave one with very little sensation in the joints.)

Walking up an incline. Impossible. He couldn't even figure out how. He'd fall over every time. He didn't quite have the strength to crawl using his arms. 

He couldn't roll. 
Couldn't roll over, like an infant. 
Back to front. Nope.

He was almost 3.

Two months. 
3 times a week. 
We went to open gym at the Y. 
 After two months he could, not only, walk up the inclined mat---
seriously! It was such a huge event, I took a picture the 2nd time!

Now- he made it all the way down the end of the tumble track (trampoline) and was rocking the bounce!!
I would have thought these were taken early Feb. But time stamp proves they were March 24. Two months after arrival.


A year ago, we started actual structured classes. 3-5 year old's. No pressure. Preschool Movement.

By this time he'd grown substantially, and his sensory seeking had really come on line. So had his movement and strength. Unfortunately, he still had little for sense in his joints and therefor his entire awareness of where his body is in space was thrown. (And momma was getting whacked by flying elbows knees, heads and other random body movements.) 

Basic balance was a big issue.
Teachers at school had brought it up.

"If he's sitting in his chair and turns to look, when someone drops something, he falls out of his chair"
Little basic core strength to hold himself steady.
They put him in the 'safety' seat. 

(the one with sides) 

(... and buckles)

He was three and a half.

We'd been 'wait listed' for PT. He needed more "play" time and hard body work. Being a first intro to small group activities it was a good one. 

Everything about it was hard for him. 
Large gym. 
Lots of activity. 
One hyper-vigilant hebasha.
Transitions from one activity to the next. 

There were physical challenges, accompanied by expectations of his boyhood and size. 
"Hold on to the bar. Don't let go."
"I said, hold on!"

I gave the instructor "the talk", and "the letter" as companion. 
She was merciful and helpful. 
*hands raised

We did lots of classes over the winter. He really began to enjoy them and looked forward to the challenges. And, yes. Still many challenges. And yet...

He's persistent.
him and HIM.
Never did he give up or get frustrated.
Neither did He.

I watched my son begin to fly.

finally... some air beneath him. by the time he turned 4 last April.

Oh you elusive creature.
He started to figure you out.
A little. 
at a time
About every 3rd step, he'd fall or step off by April last year. Huge improvements. HUGE


And then this year. After being off since April. 
Look what he did today. 
I was teary eyed crying. 

And so was he really, after the big balance beam. So pictures are crap. But seriously... look. 

First notice the sitting, upright and waiting his turn! Oh how far...

Arm strength!! Legs gripping. Full body coordinated together!!!  *insert choir of angels singing* Hallelujah!!

*cue Bob Costas voice dub in*  (unrelated to angels choir previously heard from)

"And now ladies and gentlemen, we turn to the Balance Beam"

Note the 'regulation' width. First on the floor.

Then a little higher. He made both of these the entire way. NO FALLING!

And the elevated beam!! Ok- it was maybe 3 feet high and mats almost reached the top. Still it seemed very skillful!! This was his first step after doing the official beam "mount". I don't know what it's called...

This was as close as she got to 'help'. He made it the entire way to dismount. By the end he was screaming "Mommy! Take a picture of me!! LOOK I DID IT!!" and he jumped to dismount. Those of you who know him, know he HATES having his picture taken--- so this was a big big big day.

You've given me a joyful ride, my love.

He has worked hard. He has this amazing gift of persistence, unlike anything I've ever seen or experienced. And persistence is what you need, when your limits are unbound and set free.


It takes time.

Even in some of the pictures like the one above, you can begin to see some of the skin scars and their healing over time. Today was evidence of physical healing. There is much healing that happens that is harder to capture in a photograph. 
Broken hearts.

Today we REJOICE. 
God is good.

Monday, January 16, 2012

The lights are still on...

But not for long.

The time has come again. In fact I'd ask that you praying peeps keep praying.

I don't know why I don't get even interviews for jobs for which I'm more than qualified. I don't know why I've yet to be hired. I don't know why more ads aren't 'speaking' to me? I don't. He does. In the mean time, things are changing quickly.

We will sell pretty much everything we own. Do not be weary. It will leave us light and quick.

This isn't really a post fitting this blog (maybe the next one), so I'll leave out the hows and whys. I'd just ask you to pray specifically for a few things.

- Two jobs in Bangor are fitting and will buy us time and broaden my experience. Pray for wisdom and quick action. Also that I am invited to interview and that I rock them!

- Clarity and courage in going forth.

Thank you friends.

 There is Hope


Friday, January 13, 2012

Opining... (edited)

- I think that if I ask your opinion or view on a topic, I'm very grateful when you share. I also think that although I may ultimately make a different choice on that topic, it doesn't mean I'm dismissing your views as worthless, false or unimportant. In fact, they may have been a large piece of my decision making process. We ask opinions and views in an effort to incorporate others views into our own- not to obliterate our own perspective- to expand it.

-I think that presenting your self as an undisputed authority on international adoption, simply on the basis that you yourself were adopted and have adopted, is tantamount to me saying "Of course I'm not racist. My son is black." There are more pieces to these puzzles. It may make you the expert on YOUR adoption experience. Not other families. My singular experience, doesn't qualify me as indisputable.

-I think that online forums can be a source of great support, substance, self inspection and friendship.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012