Saturday, July 25, 2009

Modern movement...

First, Read this:

"It is easy to sit up and take notice, what is difficult is getting up and taking action. " - Johan B

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It hits me too. What is your action? What moves you? Not brings you to tears, but makes you get up and do something?

I struggle too often with this.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Reset Button...

Here comes the Sun!!! Du be doo bee Here comes the sun...

It seems that there are periods of trial. Periods of introspection. Periods of conflict. Periods of temptation. Periods of bliss. Periods of excitement. Periods of heavy… responsibility. Periods of light… joy!

During the times in my life that I look for guidance: I typically find it everywhere. There is so much to learn, so much information that hit all my senses & intellect at the same time. There then seems to follow a time of calm. Of peace. A time to internalize all this new information. Light. Relief. Learning. Growth!!

I’ve learned that I can prompt (read: hurry along) internalizing complex new information and find clarity and growth quicker- by- exhausting my physical self. Yes this sounds odd. But true.

Feet hitting the ground

Last year, with concentrating on paperwork and readying my home for homestudy and dossier and paperwork stuff- I purposefully made the choice to not go hiking at all. At all. I had to chose- hike or get adoption work done? It’s sort of an all or nothing thing for me. Every free day, afternoon, evening I wonder- can I get out. Where can I get a quick hike in? Which trail haven’t I done yet? I wonder what’s over that ridge?
Schoodic Sushi. HA!

It took me a little while this year to remember the healing and clarity that happens when it’s just my feet, the rocks, frogs, pines, mud, squirrels. When the heavy gets too heavy: When my head is busting with a cacophony of information and responsibility and options and etc. - - I gotta get outside! Just get outside.

A small break from the rain

Now. June of 2009 in Maine- was not necessarily condusive to being outside. It rained all but one day. It was cold and wet for no less than 30 straight days. Eventually, I figured- “it’s as wet inside as out. Might as well be out.”
Well Watered Grass- to say the least

So out I went. So far: Sprayed by a skunk, chased by a ground hog, dog chased a different ground hog, got disoriented on Schoodic (love that), broken and redeemed on Penobscot, scared when took wrong trail (Jordan Cliffs) with too much gear and a dog!, got schooled on a little bald hill, and during a deluge walked the carriage trails (off trail would have definitely been dangerous) for a few hours while reciting the Lords Prayer over and over and over again the entire way. (did I mention it was absolutely POURING?)

It isn’t much, to be honest. But I’ve also put in higher than average mileage on some local walking trails. I have to keep hitting those, even if I can’t take Harley, cause it is really helping with keeping me grounded. Clearing everything from the work day: like pushing a “Reset” button.

Poor Girl... too much rain, not enough sun, sleeping while wet

Rains this long... even the Kids hit the Pubs

In May- before the rains