Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Thrill of the Thrift...

Confession:  My munchkin boy, is stylin!  Already.  Uh huh. Very few things, have I purchased new.  And NEVER at full price (I'm a salvage store shopper).  See these 3 pieces of outdoor gear?  Total cost: $1.00.  That is not a typo- one dollah. The olive and orange lighter jacket was given to me at while visiting Randa in NJ. Her friends were having a clothing swap and they graciously invited me along and picked out the best stuff for the Boy.  He also came away with a pair of black snow pants and a Ralph Lauren White button down. (all of which look and feel brand new).

 These are both 2T. So they'll swim on him for a while...

There are 2 thrift stores- amongst the bins, hangers and occasional folded piles- I can frequently be found- daydreaming.  This yellow set comes from the one run by a local seniors group that supports their community health program.  It is a set of Columbia Ski pants (with bib) and matching winter jacket.  I've found that it is typical that groups that run thrift stores try to charge less for the childrens clothes.  This one charges between a quarter and fifty cents per piece of kids clothes.  It may have been worn a few times one season.

The other local one is run by the Catholic Church in the neighboring town. They sell their clothes by the pound. Uh Huh. Sometimes a quarter a pound. Sometimes fifty cents.  I once got a garbage bag full of boys clothes for $3.50.  They do price their outer wear a bit different.

I've been searching for an 18mo, everyday-ish warm jacket.  I've been scouting the thrifts. I didn't want a new one, cause, I don't think he'll be in that size too long. Each day they open (oh ya- they usually have funky hours) I run in, and see if there are any new ones on the racks. I've found some over the weeks but not any that I liked or were in a condition I'd take home.  Until this little gem.

London Fog 18m Water resistant, Orange Fleece Lined $2
Who knew London Fog made kids coats?

I know that there are "logical"  and "Good community" reasons to shop at these types of stores.
  • great savings on wardrobe
  • kids grow fast they grow out of clothes before the clothes wear out (especially ones coming home internationally)
  • It basically ends up being like renting the clothes as I'll bring the good ones back as soon as he grows out of them
  • Volunteer lead- good community outreach purposes

Yes. I found all those to be true.   You want to know WHY I ended up at these places?
  • The only thing I felt like I could do FOR him, was get his clothes
  • Great day dreaming time
  • Call it therapy

These are 2 of my fav's. Only the olive pants were new from Mardens. THRIFT STORES RULE!

I'll refrain from showing you his closet. Mostly cause it's my closet too and that part is messy. His section(s) is neat as a pin.  To give you an idea of what good stuff you can find with a little time, patience and day dreaming determination... these totes are full of clothes that aren't (obviously) in his closet:

They are organized by Tops or Bottoms and then by size with the totes labeled on the outside at the point the size changes. My crap is lucky to get washed and folded before it gets tossed in a tote for the next season...

I'm really going to enjoy having my Boy here to care for.


Jennifer M said...

Love it! Seeing all those great clothes (and even better prices) for your son is making me want to shop more for mine!

I have a friend who is an ebay shopoholic and has found the most darling finds for her baby girl. I am SOOO not a shopper, but I'm thinking about having her be my "shopping consultant." She can find Polo and Gap stuff for a little bit of nothing, and she loves doing it. Can't complain about that!! If you can handle ebay though, that's another good place to look for bargains.

Michele said...

Hi! Have you looked at the Growing Place on Hammond St? Their prices are a little higher, but I found FANTASTIC coats/snowpants at reasonable prices too.

Jennifer said...

Great buys!

You've inspired me to hit the local thrift shops once I get my referral!!! I bet I'll find some great, quality stuff too...I always forget about thrift stores...and it just makes economic sense to buy "gently used" when kids grow so fast!

Gretchen said...

I spent the day day-dreaming too! I bought my little girl a soft-fluffy bunny jacket since we *believe* she should be home by Easter. And I bought a diaper bag, shoes, etc. I can't WAIT to get a referral so I can enjoy shopping and not make me sad, (missing her) when I go!