Friday, June 4, 2010

What Is He Up To...?

Testing me. Yup. He's fully testing me.

Lately it is in the art of holding true to what I've told him.

He says...
Sometimes that involves throwing toys to see if I REALLY loose them?

Sometimes that involves spitting and seeing if she gets mad at me?

Sometimes that involves ignoring her request for me to make a choice?

Most often- it is me making a choice and changing my mind. Two or Three times.

Mom says my choice counts so she makes me stick with my first choice- but that makes me mad. If a woman has the right to change her mind.. why can't I? And why doesn't she just change the food on my plate or the dvd... she did it the first time why not now?!?!?

Mom wonders...
Is it wrong? Am I truly giving him strength in his decision making? Am I instilling in him a sense of worth in his decisions? That his choices count? Or am I just stirring up trouble where it needn't be? Or is he verbalizing his decision making process and I misunderstand it to be a decision?

This mommy stuff is hard.  I think being him is harder though. He's definitely better at it than me...

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Liz said...

I can SO relate to this! For awhile, Elfe was really pushing my buttons by constantly changing her mind when offered a first I gave in too, but now I usually make her stick to her first choice. I've learned to be able to tell when it really is a matter of needing more time or info to make a good decision (now that I see how hot I am in this long-sleeved shirt, I am going to choose the short-sleeved one after all) versus getting a kick out of seeing Mommy jump through hoops!