Thursday, June 17, 2010

Black Screen of Death...

This is not a test. Following this announcement you will hear emergency information. This is not a test.

Laptop died. Is at the doctors now.  Please be patient.

Speaking of Patients... My laptop is one and this morning so was the Boy..   Mollescum was looking U.G.L.Y. after 2 nights of apple cider soaked cotton balls staying on it... but boys and their 'toys'- I was afraid it was beginning to spread.. so off to the docs we went. 

He did Great! Seriously. He was scared upon entering as the kid forgets NOTHING and the last time he had 4 shots. PO'd he was.  The doc did some digging around- go the seed out and then froze it 3 times. Teg winced at some pain during the squeezing part- but after that he laid across my lap and did great! Even tried to watch.  No pictures of this as it was in a rather sensitive area and.. seriously.. no one wants to see that!

Oh- and I think we've reach the 3 foot mark!

ps- I know this isn't my normal writing-- but I'm at the public library to give you something and right now its all I've got.  Peace out!!


{Staci} said...

what a trooper! you guys are such a good team. thanks for the update!

anymommy said...

Ugh. I have minor heart attacks when my computer crashes, but it is nice to disconnect a little.

He is gorgeous, glad the doctor went okay.