Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spontaneous Memory...

We were in the big red box store in the kitchen cleaning aisle. Yes- I was actually there and I think half my problems in this life stem from the fact that there exists a store in which an entire aisle is devoted solely to kitchen cleaning items. It's also the reason I have 4 large things of Laundry Soap and Zero fabric softener... the fact that my washing machine only holds 2 towels at a time negates the amount of soap, and is a whole other topic... somehow I feel I'm not on the same path I started... let me back up...

Ok- Kitchen cleaning aisle. My Sun picks up a sponge and excitedly exclaims "Mommee! Mommee!" He wipes the palm of his other hand with the sponge and shows me. I look at him blankly. "Mommee Mommee" he repeats the action and adds placing his 'painted' hand flat on me.  He's grinning wildly...  I realize what is happening.

He is repeating the portion of the 'goodbye ceremony' when they take a sponge and paint each child's hand and place the hand on a page in a book. The school children are all chanting the child's name. It is a weird and odd ceremony and must stick out like a thumb in memory.

A friend mentioned that it must be difficult for them to rationalize their memory. It must feel like dreams- what is real and what isn't??  Their 3+ worlds are vastly different from each other.  It's painful to consider. 

This did give me hope that more memories will surface.. or will be able to be communicated soon. His language is growing by leaps and bounds the last couple weeks.

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Staci said...

so cool he could share a memory! wow, i love that.