Monday, April 12, 2010

Love. Today.

It's a funny thing.

I would have told you, I loved him the first day we met.

I would have told you, I loved him the first day he spontaneously kissed me.

Those things both happened almost 3 months ago now.

Yesterday, he asked me for a hug.

Today, when saying our prayers before lunch, instead of folding his hands he reached out and held mine. I continued with the prayer and he kept looking at me and got wet eyes and a smile on his face as he said "Amen".

Today - I love this child. And it's different than 3 months ago. Not less. Not more.... different. I Love this child.

I know, without a doubt there is more growth to come. Probably more hard work ahead too. But I no longer wonder if I can really do this... well, today, I don't wonder.

Thank you Lord for entrusting me to him.


kristine said...

Beautiful the two of you together.

Julie said...

It's a beautiful thing!

Liz said...

It is different, for me too as time goes by, and I can tell it's different for Elfe too!

Queen Of The Castle said...

Beautiful post - beautiful family!! We are getting more of those days - when i think i might actually be able to do this yet!! thanks for the encouragement!

Tammy said...

I know EXACTLY what you are talking about. And today, after 8 months home, I had to leave my son with someone else for the morning and I found myself racing home to see him because I missed him so much. I have found myself missing him before but today, it felt different.

Cameron and Megan said...

Lovely post...thanks for your comment on our blog and the great reminder to communicate, this is something I struggle with a lot...more growth to come!

Staci said...

you guys are my heroes.