Saturday, April 24, 2010

3mo & A First!!

This is not the post that was deleted by blogger. That was one I'd worked on all morning as my Sun was out playing with his cousins and Papa.  But this is news... Hot off the presses.. HOT HOT I say!!!!

Today is what?.. The 24th?  We arrived here from Ethiopia 3 months ago today. 3 months.

Tonight.. Just maybe 30 minutes ago.. My Sun... By beautiful Toddler.. Mr. I can do everything myself... just fell asleep.. for the very FIRST TIME... NOT ON TOP OF ME. Not at all. Not on my arm. Not laying across my belly. No hands in my shirt. Not nuzzeled in the crook of my neck. Nothing... (well- he's got a foot on my leg, now.. but that's it.)

Now - I must admit that the last 2 nights we've had some super duper exhaustion from super Duper (capital D) fun and adventure filled days (more on that later).  And he did fall asleep in the car and ended up sleeping the entire night through.. so other than those 2 times (which don't really count) .....

Tonight is the FIRST TIME he has laid in bed and fallen asleep without me holding him. First. First time.

Not only am I excited (and a bit mournful, i'll admit) but I wanted to put this out there for all those who think they are going crazy cause their kid still won't sleep in his own bed, or has sleep anxiety.  THREE MONTHS!!!

I don't actually expect this to last..  much like all his sleeping patterns they morph and adjust--- hopefully we'll have this be a recurring regular performance soon.?


PS:  Now, I told you this was hot news.. so It may not be legible, spelled properly or even coherent.. cause I typically write as I think.. and that's not good for anyone.. which is why it takes me some time to put anything out here actually worth reading... sorry.  Love me anyway.

PPS: I was going to title this entry similar to the Foreigner song about the 1st t.ime.. (now you have it stuck in your head don't you...) but I was fearful of the hits that'd come via scary searches from scarier people... 

EDITED TO ADD Feb 2012: There were many times over the past 2 years I thought "Look! First time. This is how it will be from now on."  Let me say, that only in the past 2 months has he regularly gone to sleep without clinging to my hair and/or bare skin. And, the past 3 nights, he's started fights / tantrums / crying meltdowns / manipulation / mommy fell for it every time- scenarios where there is nothing left but to hold him, console him until he fell asleep. So ... for every "first time!" there are 400 more "try agains" and "I give ups".


Liz said...

Congrats! That is huge! It's been four months for us and Elfe still won't sleep in her own bed or without me staying with her until she falls asleep (except at school), but this weekend I finally got her to sit in her own seat to eat meals instead of on my lap. I'll take any progress I can get, and your gives me hope too!

Staci said...

WOO HOO!!!!!!!Awesome!