Friday, May 20, 2011

Growing up, Letting Go...

As my baby, is becoming a boy. A real boy!! I may begin to look and act like a real human too!

(Edited for too much info... sorry early readers... I sometimes have boundary issues... completely insensitive to what may make others uncomfortable)

My baby is a ball playah!

Some of you remember my discussion of landmarks on my torso in this post.  He has a spot on my body that he clings to that spot (not private area! think belly button ish) almost every sleeping moment. (At least until I can wiggle myself out from under his grip.) It's his thing.  His comfort. I've tried substituting a blanket. A stuffed animal. Even had a blanket made with a similar feel for something to play with and hopefully relieve my entire body from being his anchor of comfort. I've tried everything. And as you can imagine- this is a bit tiring as that means- for the most part- I need to be in bed with him the entire time he is. (he still sleeps 11-14 hours a day).

This regression, as I've stated before, also means progression. Shush. Don't tell him I told you- but... he's staying less attached to 'it'. It comes and goes- but- people... I think we may be seeing the beginnings of letting it go! I'm a little weary to think of all that can happen when this day finally arrives. Think of dishes being done. Think of him going to sleep by himself. Thinking of - (gasp) going back to work! WHOA! A whole new world may be opening up here ladies and gents. And it looks a lot like a Momma and son with a future.

Yes he looks like this as he rounds the bases every time. Not looking where he's going. Looking for Momma.


kn said...

Wow! He looks for you as he rounds the corner! i love that! You are amazing! 11-14 hours of sleep! Belaye is way behind! I have got to get more strict.

So happy to read this! Yes, you have a future.

Claudia said...

That last photo is just incredibly awesome.