Friday, May 13, 2011

Skooled, Suckah...

Fair Warning- this post is photo laden. Completely unedited photo laden.  Ok- I warned you:

I'm honestly shocked every other week when I realize I'm still getting to know my son. That we're still getting to know eachother. Shocked. Seriously. Then I tell myself (as if i've never told self before) to remember to look at him like it was the very early days- watching- taking in his queues, his expressions, his interests, his actions, his needs through observation, grace and respect for who HE IS.  (this is all just another way of reminding myself to leave the freakin' kid alone once and a while! Stop being such naghole.)

The point of this is to remind me next week, and the week after that and next month- that sometimes a boy with a stick isn't necessarily the boy who leads kids down 'the wrong path'.  Sometimes that stick is a walking stick with a built in compass (they really make those you know).  In fact, in this case, he was finding things anew, exploring, seeking, finding, observing, investigating, imagining. Ok- he did take a few kids with him for the ride- but seriously- who names their kid 'Oatmeal' to begin with?!?! That's just name calling cruel!  I don't think I'm going to have any real jr. high issues with that mother.

School vacation week was another one of those weeks. I told you about the first day. Well that behavior- (I should be clear- I speak of my OWN naggerific behavior)- continued until I finally made attempts to just let him BE. And guess what- he had me fooled the entire time. Really. Why am I surprised?  Regardless of his feigned inattentive behavior, his distracting tactics, or complete disinterest in the subject at hand- by Friday- he was showing me all the stuff that had been covered over the previous week.

Day one: Tracking-  I captured this photo of the "wet tree" investigation just as my son was running in from behind- mouth already agape at the suggestion of tasting the wet stuff on the tree. He bit the tree. He started 50 feet away. Ran 50 feet to bite the tree. (That is not him next to the tree. Feleke was wise and used his finger as did the other kids)

Day One: Tracking; Here, instructor Matt, has the group inthralled at different types of 'scat' (poop) piles, observing for evidence of who may have left it behind. Notice the focus of the class- except that beauty in the pink with only eyes for my boy.

AHHH- He's found mud! And the class in ensconced with his direction and half the class has abandoned poor Matt. We really should buy a membership there, just for his patience.

Ummm- tell me that is not scat son!

Oh. Dirty snow? okay, proceed.

At the end of Day one, I was at least sure that a good time had been had by all!

Day 2 was a bit more chaotic and I took no photos. Day 3 though was insect houses - looking under rocks and logs. Again- you see the class enthralled with the findings under this rock. And Teg. Teg is loving his umbrella. Who doesn't, really? Repeat this scene 10 times and you have the day.

Day 4- Earth Day- SURPRISE!! Looky who is participating and interested in the class!! Hoot Hoot! Alrighty son. Here mom is learning to keep her trap shut, and Teg learned to answer a question when asked round the table. His name? Teg. Favorite animal? Harley (of course)

I may have spoken too soon... but you knew that already huh?

BUT NO! Outside, it all comes together. He starts taking initiative, turning over rocks, looking for worm tracks, beetles and potato bugs!

He trolls the water for salamanders and frogs! No, none of that was on the agenda for this particular day but it matters not! I worry for nothing. Conformity be damned. Explore son! Investigate! Take your team to find hidden treasures, if you must, just ask their mom's first ok?

You're on the right path baby! You have been all along. I've been the one holding you back. Sorry bout that.

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scooping it up said...

Learning to let our boys be who they are, while guiding them to meet their potential. How to curb not OK behaviour, heal fear, without squishing their spirits?

you're doing a darn fine job missy.
you are an awesome mama.