Thursday, January 13, 2011

One Year Ago...

Somehow- this space time continuum shift allowed us a nights sleep in Nairobi airport. Shower. Breakfast. And it was suddenly 2 days later and quick little 1.5 hour plane ride to Addis Ababa.

We landed. Miraculously- And that is the truth as it never made it to Nairobi- our luggage arrived. (not that we were looking for it cause we weren't!!) (someone put a pick post it on the luggage tag that said "Addis" and it arrived. ??!?!

Caught a taxi ride....And then----

I saw what I've seen posted as pictures on a 100 other blogs. Now- in real life- seeing it before my eyes- it felt familiar. "Feels like I've been here before"

Checking into the Hilton- going into my room with a real BATHROOM. Full clean shower and clean bathroom in which no matter how I tried- my head couldn't hit the door while using toilet!! (commentary on airplane toilets) My head hit the pillows and I was out. Somehow when I awoke- it was a new day (at least it felt like it). My legs shaky and wobbly but over charged with energy to get moving. Must be nerves I thought. It took 4- 5 days to get my legs under me. (In hidsight, it was elevation)

Then I opened the window....

And turned on the TV....

Nothing was familair anymore. Everything was all too real

The first 24 hours- my brother and I went through no less than 10 1.5 liter bottles of water. Tired. Dehydrated.

Taxi'ing to the Nat'l Museum, we meandered are way- walking back. Going this way and that, just because. It was a neat experience. And totally not what I expected. The people. OH the people. I think this is when I may have fallen in love. A little unsure of myself and my surroundings, feeling all jittery and weak, loving each and every one who stopped to talk to us, help us, followed us and sold us BERBERE!  Bought my first kilo.  We walked streets, that I'm quite sure hadn't seen many white ferengi before.  Unfamiliar, stunning, shocking, and lovely all at once.

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