Friday, January 21, 2011

One Year Ago- Dr. Abiye...

Thursday, January 21, 2010
Addis Ababa

This man saved my son's life.


And likely, emotionally.

It is not a secret that he was sick, borderline, unsure if he would make it sick, when he came into care. Dr. Abiye spent a lot of time nurturing him bringing him back from the brink.

On this day, Dr. Abiye, no longer worked for CHSFS and yet, he came, during Timkat celebrations, as a doctor to look at each of the children, give them another once over and make sure they were healthy before heading out on the arduous trip to the states.

We met privately. I assume he did with each family. When Teg saw him- everyone that saw his reaction was in shock. I think even he was. Unsure of what to do. He clearly recognized him and his soft, modest voice grew loud as he ran to him. Then the first time he pitched any sort of fit. The first any of us heard his voice above a quiet murmering.

They had a unique bond. Dr. Abiye and he stayed close together whenever he was in the care center. It is interesting to me on so many levels- even today- to consider this blessed relationship.

I would so like to find him. He wanted to stay in touch and know how he was. And yet to date there has been no contact. No one at the agency would give me his email. He has pertinent medical info and documents that right now- I would love to have. But mostly- I'd love to show him what his patience, kindness and special attention have brought forth.

If any of you know how to contact him I would most love to. I think he had family or friends in Ohio and all email communication from the agency has been cleaned as to not show any second name or email address. I didn't consider how difficult this would be while in ET. In many ways I am sad that I can not share. In every way I am grateful of what he shared.

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Gretchen said...

My best friend, Jaime Glandon lives in Ohio. While driving me back to the airport, she told me that Columbus, OH has the largest amount of Ethiopians living there, *I believe* than anywhere in the USA. So possibly he lives in Columbus, OH.