Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Verbal Filter Learning....

Ok, so I'm sure this is another one of the many times we'll cover this topic. We are all friends here and those of you that know me well will understand my often sarcastic and inappropriate reactions and comments to odd situations (i.e. people). I hope as I venture further down this path of bringing my children home, my patience & understanding will increase. (and I've saved up enough dough for the super max verbal filter)

Case #1- Meat section. Meet old HS friends mother. We precede to hug and say hello, how is the fam etc... etc.. etc... and I hear...

"So sweety, when are ya gonna get yaself a man and have some babies? It's about time ain't it?"

Yup. Just like that. Now I know this women was well intentioned, and although she has no sense of boundaries, is a very nice and kind woman. And yet, I can not imagine any situation, regardless of the people involved when that is an appropriate question/comment?

Lesson: Turn filter ON even when considering what someone has for a parenting/marriage/ procreation/ boyfriend etc plan.

Saving for a high volume verbal filter of my own... (mines been on the blink for some time now...) Shannon

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Baby Steps...

Exciting exciting news! Ashlee is home with her beautiful boy! He's got these great big brown eyes that just pull you in. Congrats Ash!

More baby steps:
  • Rick has arrived and will be putting in new windows and a door in September. Although not directly related to the adoption time line, these will need to be done before the Home study can be completed.
  • -I've made ANOTHER doctors appointment so they know what to write on 2 more medical reports that need to be filed. It's frustrating they won't just call and talk to me because the insurance won't cover these, "fill out form" exams. arrrg. I keep reminding myself it does no good to get frustrated now, there will be many of these little hold ups and "time suckers" along the way.
  • My CHSFS application is complete and submitted (adoption placement agency out of Minnesota). They have sent me some information on some of the dossier work I can be getting started on at the same time as the home study. This is where I get intimidated. I know some people who have finished all this stuff in a week or two. I can't imagine how?

Baby steps... Baby steps... all in the right direction.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Give us THIS DAY...

I was reminded today of a couple things-
  • 1st- I can not give what I do not have.
  • 2nd- I can not plan for tomorrow, I must take care of today.
After 2 weeks of having nothing to offer spiritually and emotionally to any of the many priorities going on right now, I must keep reminding myself of these 2 things. I have not gone hiking yet this year. Nope. Not once. For me that is like vacation and nothing fuels the tank like getting turned around and ending up finding a beautiful spot somewhere on a hill. So tonight the dog & I went on a new local trail and purposefully took no map. Fuel for the soul!

The homestudy visit went well. But ever since, I’ve been obsessing with the follow up questions they need answers for. I have been trying to do the “responsible” thing and accommodate for all possible scenarios that the future may or may not hold... the reality is, it’s a stupid thing to attempt. It works for some. Clearly for me, it’s like putting my feet in concrete. No more. From now on I'll trust that the future will be just fine if I'm following the right path through this adoption adventure.

Take care of today. God will take care of tomorrow.

Woods bound, Shannon

Friday, August 1, 2008

Roller Coasters

It’s been an emotional roller coaster of a week. Trav leaving Saturday morning left me like a Gary Allen song. (…watching airplanes take off and fly, wondering which one you might be on…) On the flip side, by Saturday night I was out at my 20th Class Reunion. Surprisingly, it was a ball! I did not know what to expect, but knew that when I got tired of being sociable, I could sit at the bar with Kelly’s husband and chill. (Thanks Kell for dragging him be there. He’s a good egg!)

It was actually a great time! I’m bummed I did not have my camera with me to post some pictures of you all. Good blackmail material always comes in handy… By the end of the evening I felt a little less country and more… Gunz & Roses, "Welcome to the Jungle".

Adoption NEWS: YIPPEE! I finally heard from my social worker. She’ll be here on Sunday at 10am! Yikes. I suppose I should get picking up. This is a good thing. Finally getting started!!