Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wicked Sense of Humor...

Alternate title options:

*What the heck was He thinking.
*You've GOT to be kidding.
*There is nothing left to do but laugh.
*God trusts me too much.

Since last here praising all His good works the following are examples of what has happened-
  • car got backed into
  • Son taught another child how to sneak out of his house. 
  • Dog shit in the 'on deck' laundry pile and apparently covered it up. I didn't notice. Till I took the clothes out of the dryer (yes they had been washed and dried with it!) and everything smelled like... well... shit. (our dog weighs maybe 7 pounds so can I be excused for not noticing the little turds?).
  • We officially entered our dysregulation phase that will continue to spiral until July 1 when everything will suddenly be sunshine and roses again.
  • I've lost misplaced my keys.
  • I've lost misplaced buried my sense of humor. Perhaps its underneath the laundry pile. 
  • As I was preparing to wash the 20 dirty dishes piled perilously on the 2 feet of counter space, my brother dropped off my 2 youngest nephews and into the kitchen they burst with energy. In the "can I" "can I's" chaos, I bent down to pick something up, just as 5yo reached into the cupboard above the perilous pile of dishes. You know what happens next right? Sure enough he knocked something from the cupboard above, which fell onto the perilous pile, which proceeded to topple off the counter and onto me. "Seriously?!?! God? Are you serious here?" Is all I could say.  Next words "Screw the dishes.  Boys get your boots on we're going on a mud hunt!"
  • I've learned to spell perilous.
  • Son taught my nephews how to lock me out of my house... completely.
  • Not to be outsmarted by a small dog, the on deck laundry has since been moved back into its righful place- the hamper. So she just shit on the floor in front of the toilet. In front of the toilet that I was desperate to get to use after just getting back in the house and needed 'to go' reeeeeeaaaallly bad. 
  • We're all out of carpet cleaner.

Before I venture too far into the wa wa wahs, pity party... let me find some things to be grateful for in this because surely there is much:

  • Thank GOD the lady backed into my car instead of one of the children, who had simultaneously secretly escaped the house and whereabouts unknown at the time. (see above where my son taught another how to sneak out of house)
  • I have a working washer and dryer in our house!
  • Our little dog is losing many functions yet I've been blessed to have had many years with her and she has taught my son many lessons on how to treat the living and fragile.
  • Our backyard is a nearly endless range of discovery, adventure, imagination and sensory input.
  • Amazingly, in our country, even those with no money or resources, have plenty of access to food. This is why our dishes are dirty- because we ATE off of them. Provision. Thank you!! For food I do not worry. Releasing of my burden- thank you!


    Kim said...

    Someone very wise once told me, "Gratitude evaporates frustration." It seems like you are living by that this week! Hang in there!

    Barbaloot said...

    Clear evidence that dishes are indeed the enemy! Ugh, what is up in the universe? Glad you are hanging on to some perspective and hope things shift and you get lots of good surprises (the kind that don't stink) soon.