Monday, November 1, 2010

Where to spend my time...

I had a day. A whole day. Half day of school followed by full afternoon of NanaPapaAlexDog fun and madness for the kiddo. Left me. With. A. Whole. Day.

What did I do??
Did I do 14 loads of laundry? No
Did I clean the bathroom? (which is seriously seriously filthy dirty smelly, as the dog was sick a couple days ago and I only did a cursory clean up)(Go ahead. Judge me.) No.
Did I clean up the dishes from last nights supper still sitting on the stove? No.
Did I make room for "MARGIN" by cleaning out the garage? No.
Did I make room for "Margin" by cleaning out the over cluttered can't find crap in them, kitchen drawers? No.
Did I change the bed sheets, which are overdue? No
Did I vacuum, which is overdue? No
Did I empty the trash? Yes but only partially as there is no new bag and it is still out in the entry way.
Did I go for a run, walk, meditate, read? No
Did I call a friend and catch up. NO. (Crap. Just remembering I was actually supposed to do that...)
Did I call and cancel the cable? No
Did I call Tegs Doctor with the list of questions and concerns that grows daily? No
Did I take apart this forsaken Futon taking up too much play room in my living room? No
Did I shower? No
Did I shave my legs? No
Did I pluck my eyebrows or exfoliate the pilings of dead skin on my face? No
Did I do anything to further the cause of readying the house for winter? No
Did I clean out the car? No
Did I research any new jobs? No
Did I network, or pluck away at my resume? No
Did I cook any meals? No
Did I do anything that is on the list of things that MUST BE DONE? No

This is what I did.

It took hours to go get it. Take it apart. Clean it. Poke holes in strategic places as it had been left outside my uncles house in a rain storm and was retaining water worse than me. Drained the water ... ever. .... so... slowly...  And then put it back together.

As he arrived home to a 'surprise'. He insisted he would sleep in Thomas bed. Pray in Thomas bed. Read in Thomas Bed. Look at Thomas' face 100 times. And then his "Hat" 100 times (it doesn't really have a hat- but the 'pipe' is on top of his face so.. of course it's a hat....?) It matters not to this boy that the mattress is too small and actually sits on the floor covered with sleeping bags. Didn't detract from his joy at ALL!
It was PJ day at school so it's just a coincidence but a nice one!

Mommy crawled in Thomas to read our night time book together. And yet immediately after bottle....
"My sleep Mommy's Bed".... and out. Hand landing with a loud slap and gripping my hair.
 He is still over the moon ecstatic, skipping, gleeful, yammering on and on about it, to it, crawling all over it, in it, taking books out of and putting back in to its little "container" (toy box), fawning over his face, joyful at the roof..... But there is now actual sleeping involved as of yet. So I'm not sure it qualifies as a 'bed'.

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Anonymous said...

The joy on his face in that second picture is well worth having your bathroom smell like dog vomit for a few more days.