Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Heart is Full...

They say pictures are worth a thousand words. But- nothing, pictures or words can capture the emotion and milestones that these past five days has brought to our hearts. From realizing how new we are as a family, to- dancing, families, Ethiopia-ness, shared new experiences, special friends, old friends, reminiscing, hugs, kisses, comfort food, laughter.....

I know I haven't written in a while. There is so much to tell you. So much important stuff. So many moving. Touching. Eye opening moments.  Mostly I've been experiencing the most wonderful times with my son. A month- has brought us so far. SOOOOOOO Far! Together. 

Eyes wide open.

Lovin Auntie

Trains Trains and more Trains with Uncle

Rest and Contemplation


Jubilee in the crisp wet fall air


Excitement growing FAST as the train!!

SUBWAY. The train. Not the sandwich.


Myrtle the Turtle


One Moon Ethiopia

Where did my little baby go?


Jennifer M said...

He is growing up so fast! I'm loving all the new photos on FB too. He's totally changing before your very eyes.

Julie said...

This post makes me smile. He looks fantastic.

Liz said...

So glad you guys are finally hitting your stride! And so bummed that I missed the One Moon party...hope they dod it again next year, and I will come!

Jennifer said...

The penguin photo is my favorite.

Heidi said...

Fantastic! You sound great and he is downright glowing. It really is incredible how much can change in one month, isn't it :) XO