Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Confession-

I admit...

- I am not a homemaking maven. I am- Clutzy. Disorganized. Overstocked. These three adjectives alone add up to "MESSY", although I could add a bunch more.

  • Example 1- Dutch oven on the stove top. Spiced butter melted. Moroccan Paprika and Berbere added and 'sauteed'. In an attempt to keep it from scorching, I slide the dutch oven over to an unused burner, so as to turn and grab the blender full of Margarita onion, garlic & ginger puree which is to be added to the aromatic mixture in the dutch oven.  As my back is turned (2 seconds.) dutch oven slides off stove top and onto the floor, denting itself and permanently staining the lovely carpet a lovely shade of Berbere. (yes.. my kitchen is carpeted... don't ask).

  • Example 2- Upon pulling out the kitchen trash bag, which is full to capacity, I carry it off to the "entry way"- where I expect I'll bring it to the outside bins, on trash day on my next trip outside. (NOTE: This is New England. So the "entry way" is an additional little space 'added on' to the house that is usually part inside part outside where mud and snow covered items can be shed before entering the actual house. Mine also happens to serve as an intermediary for trash placement and the drop off for add deliveries and has astro turf as a floor covering. Don't be jealous.) Returning to the kitchen, as I go to put in a new trash bag, I notice there is.. 'trash fluid' at the bottom of the bin. "Uh Oh!" Knowing I just dripped 'trash juice' through the house and left the bag to drip all through the entry way- I don't just leave it there. No. I return to take the trash to the outside bins immediately. On the way, I quietly pat myself on the back as there was a day Id've said, screw it and left it to drip on the porch anyway. I open the door and what do I see? The trash bag has collapsed and dumped the top portion of its contents onto the lovely astro turf. So now there is little bits of sticky wet trash on the floor needing to be picked up and put back into the back that is dripping gross trash juice on the same astro turf. 

I bring you this picture so you can see how well I've "got it together", which is plainly observed by my choice of clamdiggers, sport socks and bright pink puddle shoes. Yes. I went out in public like this, and I didn't even think anything of it.
Someday... common sense will reign again.


Anne said...

love it! I wore a very similar ensemble yesterday afternoon (think crop yoga pants and dansco clogs w/out socks!) thank you for the laugh after a LONG day :)

{Staci} said...

tee hee! nice look. and the carpeted kitchen is a terrible idea. i am sorry you are suffering through it.

Cami said...

Hilarious. We've all been there!

Waiting for Zufan! said...

I'm with you! It's just reality with little kids, work, etc, etc!!