Monday, May 25, 2009

Wandering Outside 2009 Begins...

Hiking forces my mind to be still. Ahhh Peace.

My love of Life, breadth of self knowledge & spiritual journey have all matured along the paths of red pine needles laying among ferns, Birch and Pine.

Along Friday’s hike, some life lessons were recollected:

  • If I keep my head down, hanging low for long- I have no idea if a wrong turn was taken. (And it’s the not knowing that’ll F-up my mind along the journey.)
  • Even when all is lost- stay on the path that lay before me.
  • Just put one foot in front of the other and keep going.
  • Rest when needed.
  • I am not alone!
  • Coming down from the “Summit” presents a whole different set of challenges. And now you are tired. So rest well, be prepared and do not panic.
I can find many literal and (?)figurative junctures in my life these days, that I should keep these in mind. All of these I learned the hard way – including the “you are not alone” part. (I’ll let you conjure up that image on your own)


Liz said...

I like "rest well, be prepared, and do not panic" - words to live by, on or off the trail!

Evelyn said...

Beautiful lessons and picture. Ah... hiking :)

ShannonC said...

Yes Evelyn. So beautiful! (I assume your speaking of my fish face) :)

Julie said...

I could use a hike! Who is John Corbin?