Thursday, May 14, 2009

Signs of Spring & Summer in Maine....

Yup. This sign is what you'll need to see in Maine before you know spring has sprung.

Any seasoned Mainer will tell you it's often difficult to actually experience Spring if you pay attention to the weather. (it can come and go real fast... we can go from snow to mud to drought in few short weeks) But there are 'sines' to look for. "Fiddleheads" being a big fat primary clue.

But this one. This next one. Is what is the sign the tells us "Summer is almost here".


Ok, not "open"... but the tarps & plywood are gone.

All these pictures were taken yesterday on a quick trip to Portland. Although Fiddleheads are out and available roadside up north here, too. The Blooming Apple tree seen here on Commercial St is gorgeous (ah, and my 3 handsome suiters ain't bad neithah)... The trees up here are budding. Not Blooming quite yet.

I swear, this time of year visiting Portland is traveling to a different climate. My body hadn't adjusted and I felt like I was sweating pits. Especially after visiting this lady (whose name I always forget, so some one please remind me!)

As is typical, in the 'best' restaurants, she generally tells me what to order. (At least in all two times I've been as ASMARA. ) This was dish hottest I've had. Spicy and HOT. This may have played a role in feeling like Portland Maine was in the deep south.

Have I mentioned that I love this food. LOVE IT. So much so that I am literally amazed when others do not. "BUT HOW CAN THAT BE???" crazy people. crazy.

BTW: Can anyone tell me if Teff is Wheat?

Please forgive the photos. I still have not fixed my camera since New Years Eve. Camera phone photos... every one of them... ugh.


Leesavee said...

Hey, Shannon! Teff is not wheat; it is its own kind of grain. It's more like millet or quinoa. You can buy teff flour online. :)

ShannonC said...

I knew you'd know! Thanks. My mom is trying to give up wheat and had a fit when I forced injera in her mouth... umm, I mean asked her to try it.

Leesavee said...

I've heard that teff flour is fine for people with wheat allergies, so I think she's all set! :)

Dan, Tiffany, and Petros said...

Asmaret is her name. (I think!) You can buy teff right at Whole Foods and is a great alternative for people with gluten sensitivity

ShannonC said...

Thanks you guys! Happy BDay Petros!

Katy said...

It is my understanding that most of the injera made in the US is mostly teff but does have some wheat flour in it too. In Ethiopia it's all teff.

Holly Fisher said...

We eat fiddlehead ferns here in Wisconsin, too. And, it's morel season! yum.