Monday, July 25, 2011

Whoopie Winner & Coming up Next...

Ok- back in May... MAY!! (shshsh- it's July now) I promised to send someone -- something--- for suggestions on a new name for this blog. I never followed up... so tonight... I knew I had to follow through cause I've got another very very very important give away coming up tomorrow. (and by tomorrow I mean- hopefully tomorrow).

Sadly- by the time we got home from our little road trip (exaggeration warning) way out west, (aka- Vermont) the wee one was out. O.U.T. out.

In an effort to be fair- everyones name was written on a piece of paper - Melissa like 4 times cause she had so many suggestions- I was tempted to just write "Melissa" on a piece of paper figureing the odds, "Of course she'd win"- but... alas.... no. It was Heather.

I took a picture of my first few attempts at tossing these in the air and hoping only ONE would be face up. I stopped taking photos cause I thought I'd make him start having seizures with all the flashing. Just the winning shot. HEATHER.

Who is Heather? Pushaw! You don't know Heather? You didn't know THAT Heather commented on my blog. Well- honestly- neither did I- until I looked her up! AAAAKK! I almost screamed. I know she can't come by here often, but I never miss one of her posts. NEVER. She's so smart. She's the smart girl- that could have made me want to be over the top smart in High School. You know, if we were even close in age and in high school together... I have 4 smartie smarties in my family. I'm not one (again with the stating the obvious, Shannon?) But this lady! Oh My Gosh. I admit. She's on a little pedestal around here. The goodies I planned to send, I'm sure she's familiar with as she is no stranger to these here pahts, but "knowing" her two active 7 year olds and can't keep her down 3 year old- I'll have to pack up extra Whoopie Pies from a variety of places so they can sample and find their favorite!... but I pramble on- and there are many many many more important things to get to, like...

My staying true and accountable in my big fat fatty Healthy Wise series. And there is something else... weighing.. literally and figuratively... Justice. There must be justice. Somehow. I will attempt to write- but... the best writers in the world aren't writing this story- I wonder if they're being given the chance. I have a challenge for you all. Two actually. One Go read this by Rebekah. It may be the best thing written about it so far. But still- no justice. Second Come back here in the next couple days and take my challenge. I dare you. Lay down your bets....

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Heather said...

Ok, now after reading what you wrote about me, I'm embarrassed to show my 'face' (figuratively speaking) here. I'm *SURE* I'm not nearly as "smart" as you think I am. But nonetheless, thank you for reading along with our blog. I wish we could meet in real life and have our kids play together and eat some watermelon on the back porch... but alas, here we are in blogland!
So... I'm here to claim my prize! I've never won anything luck-related in my whole entire life!!!! Seriously! So, I am just so excited about this!!!! :)
p.s. I'll email you my mailing address!