Tuesday, July 19, 2011

HW- No excuses...

It took 2 hours in a tiny grocery store, with my handsome boy not buckled in a cart (1st time we made it through the whole store that way !! hoot hoot!) and 4 hours this morning to prep (even though I have yet to cook anything)- but I have no excuses. things are weighed measured and packaged in easy grab - quick eats at home or on the go style.

Yes. Lots of fruit. (never go in fruit aisle when hot and thirsty). Soon I can buy locally- but not much is yet out round here. Soon.

We have alot of "raw" going on. And that's ok. I need to make sure we get more 'raw' foods. Not to worry. He still gets his microwaved chemical riddled crap- but when I offered to make him a pancake this morning he said "Blueberries & Banana" instead. He ate those and then had frozen mac & cheese at 10:30am. Balance. Balance is what we are striving for. Right??? It looks like a lot of food and it is. Yet, with a four year old boy in the house- any day- with regard to how much he eats- is a crap shoot. Some days he eats like a bird- others- like a 16 year old sumo wrestler.  

Way over tired and ready for nap. Yes- he had a giant RED food dyed popsicle just before nap. It is not a regular occurance. I blame the Nana.


Paula said...

My motto is "moderation in all things". Good luck with your healthy eating plan!

So far, Thomas eats an unbelievable amount for such a small kid. We are amazed at every meal, especially since the twins eat like sparrows.

Bridget said...

YUM on that salad front and center. I want that. Now.