Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Just trying it on...

The title. See how it fits? Not sure yet... could work. Need to come up with a good description and figure out how to post it. Still accepting suggestions though. Keep 'em coming if you got 'em.

I know. I owe you all a raffle draw. The Tegerooni is at Nana & Papa's for the night. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe. Love you all! 


The Lost Planetista said...

I love the title. It came up on my blogger dashboard and I was like "WHAT?!"

I think it's a perfect title.

*Dew Drop is wearing her sleep cap just like your wandering son from Wolayta today. We just got them. I had to trick her into wearing it by telling it was only for Big Girls. She was so excited. She's actually napping in it. :)

los cazadores said...

I love the title too.

This photo is worth more than a million words, it's worth a giant frame. Adorable.