Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Say Thanks...

Say thanks to the sister in law who has never condescendingly said  "I've raised 4 boys. I know how it works."

Say thanks to the friend who has never rolled her eyes and said "Don't worry. That's typical for his age."

Say thanks to the friend who calls & invites you to a play date that was arranged with other families, even when you weren't initially part of the group.

Say thank you to the brothers who live far away and send a check to help you get a new computer, cause they love you, and of course count on computer technology for family updates.

Say thank you to the sister and brother who say- come down for the week. Let him come to my school for day camp for a couple hours a day. Spend the whole week. You can sit and relax.

Say thank you to the brothers and sisters who go out of their way to be gently and quietly supportive, even though growing up, you thought they'd be the last people on earth who ever would.

Say thank you to the woman who could give you a list of developmental checklists and crank up the anxiety levels, but doesn't. Who offers her advice only when solicited and holds back when she can see I'm tapped.

Say thank you to the friend who offers to come over and clean your house, and does.

Say thank you to the babysitter who commits and follows through.

Give thanks to the school site manager, for going out of her way to make sure you AND your son are ok and stable.

Say thanks to the teacher who 'gets it'. 

Give thanks when friends offer you a job they know you have little experience in, but want you working for them.

Say thank you to someone for being considerate to your son. Even if it was an after thought.

Say thank you to your small church group, even if they don't 'get it' in the way you'd hoped, but pray for you anyway.

Say thank you to your kid, for remembering to use his manners. Even if it was only once that day.

Say thank you to God for getting me through the day, for giving me strength when I want to give up, for holding my tongue when someone deserved a lashing and for enabling mercy, when I sssooooooo wanted vengeance.

Thank you again God, for giving me moments of clarity, letting me see truth, even when it is difficult.


Liz said...

A lot to be thankful for!

Paula said...

A good reminder for all of us. :)