Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Many Faces of...

My Son. Here you have it. The Many faces of Teg. It's tough being so good lookin.


3 going on 13 with my Gene Simmonds impression

Zoolander Returns


My "I can Vomit on my shirt, go back for more and dance" face

More "CHEESE".

In cognito. My "Pretending to hide from Paparazzi" look.

I don't know what to say about this one???? Little scary.

Oh. Well this makes up for that last one! Beauty even with the tongue

AAAKK! It's back!! I REALLY don't know what to say....

Let's finish with some nice ones. Cause with three year olds- they are rare- and breathtaking!

Kissers Stuck


Corinne said...

cute, handsome and funny! gotta love the zoolander!!

one + one said...

Oh, that last one is too sweet! Great pics.

{Staci} said...

he is so very lovely. i wanna take my camera to him. sorry this week is so crummy already.

i remember reading on someone's blog with a kiddo who'd experienced a lot of hunger and trauma and loss, that a therapist helped her put words to why she never seemed to be filled.

her heart was broken and so all the love and work kept falling out.

her new mom was there to help heal her heart so the love didn't fall out so quickly. but fall out it did.

lots of appointments suck. sucky suck suck. I know, we have three for John next week. One is a two hour sedation hearing exam. grrrrrrr.

Christie said...

Oh I love the superman one! Look at that SMILE!!