Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Rock

You are so helpful and supportive in my 'I admit' posts- I thought I'd give you a quick update rather than just post it in comments. 

This Roman Catholic raised chicka- got the kid and I snappily dressed and out the door to make it to a 10am service, at a non-demoninational place about 30 minutes from home.

For full disclosure purposes:
- I have no idea if Roman Catholic is different than regular Catholic?
- "Snappily Dressed" may be an exaggeration and he definitely looked better than me.
- "10am" - ish.  We were slightly late, but were welcomed along with some other straggelers.
- I have no idea what "non-denominational" vs. "demoninational" would be. Is it like Demons vs. No Demons?
- This is what happens when you only attend a hushed Catholic doctrinally based church your entire life.

The tyke struggled in the heat and using his soft voice- but did ok. It felt nice. We'll give it another shot in 2 weeks (culture camp next weekend) and maybe investigate the kids programs too.

"Church Shopping" is hard.. and odd. It feels a bit like shopping for an adoption agency. And like that- and, YES, I did do some online searching. "Finding" one and actually walking in the door are two very different things. It's very intimidating. Every thing is completely unknown.

Staci!! I'm pretty sure I know of which you speak. And its on my list- but .. sooo very intimidating!

I'm supposed to be focusing on getting my resume stuff together and in comprehend-able(?) form - But the 4 minutes it took to write this is really all I to dedicate to computer work. I have a doozy of an "I admit" post but-- he and I are working on so much hard stuff right now it puts EVERYTHING else on the back burner. Speaking of burners... now his dinner is burning so...

Thanks everyone. Keep encouraging me. Slowly progress is being made!

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Jennifer said...

I know it is different to go in person vs. online, and THAT is why I am still at the online stage. ha ha I hate walking in places like that solo without knowing anyone.

I don't care for the nondenominational one right here. I went once and kept thinking "Don't drink the Kool-Aid!" I am sure the people were just being super duper friendly, but um (cough cough) not for this Catholic raised kid here....

I eliminated the ones that baptize you in the ocean, have services on what appear to be big screens and people raise their hands in the air and say things, and those without a single African-American in the photo. That left me with one church.

I thought the Episcopal one had an African-American congregation family in one photo, but then I read they built them a Habitat home.......

Let me know how it goes.

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