Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Confessions- I admit...

That I sometimes write posts in advance and schedule them to publish later.

That I sometimes write posts and have to POST DATE them to be historically accurate. Like the one I posted yesterday, here.

That I continue to have so many posts started and floating in my head that finishing just one is difficult.

That I still have a big confession- that I have yet to have read anything about - on any mommy blog thus far! But because, I haven't seen others write about it- I want to do it justice and not just wing it. It has been too important and present in our everyday life for the past 6+ months.

That it has been almost 7 months and I have yet to publish my 6 mo update for family and friends.

That when I'm low on Margerita Mix- I usually add MORE Tequila and Triple Sec as I figure it's my last one for a while.

That I've made killer Margerita's out of very odd ingredients including, but not limited to, Green Cool Pops and Mt. Dew.

That this is a boring confessional for a Friday- but consider those poor Catholic Priests- they have to hear it all!


Corinne said...

Ahhhhhh Shannon, you make me laugh out loud with the MORE tequila....I tend to drink wine with soda in it, and sometimes when the soda supply is running low, we just gotta fill that glass with more wine :) really loving your friday confessions...have a nice weekend, C

Me. Us. She. said...

I want to know what the BIG confession is?! So curious!

Dan, Tiffany, and Petros said...

Um.....I once used an apple juice box to make a martini.