Wednesday, March 31, 2010

From the Boy...

 Mom's got the shingles... So far I'm Chicken Pock free.  I hear she'll be ripped ka-ka if I get the pox- she seems to think I have enough scars. I like 'em. They give me character.

I tried out a school with lots of other kids and a teacher. I didn't like it so much. I liked all the toys they had there- but I didn't know any of those kids and I like being home with mom better. Appearently, that's going to happen- she says she lost her job (whatever that means) so we've got EXTRA TIME!  Not sure what I think of that yet.... She's laying down alot lately... NO FUN. She says she's got bilateral pneumonia too... I think she's a wimp and no fun!

Sometimes I like being only with mom. But I really like time with Papa & Nana and I like it when my cousins come over to play. Mom loves me--- but I think I can manage things on my own.  She's always bossing me around and puts my hands behind my back when I move something (like a knife) or go get water (emptied 5 gallons on the floor...)  that she suddenly thinks is off limits. She needs to relax. I may be only 2 but my birthday is in April and I'll be 12 then. I know more than her.
I can climb to new heights.

I've even contemplated jumping off... I can do it you know...

Swinging from one place to another..

Checking out some new houses..

Sometimes I feel all alone in this new strange place...

But family is never far behind.

Sometimes I get quiet and kick some thoughts around...

Through it all, I've been staying pretty balanced... but I think Mom's got work to do.


Staci said...

shingles????? oh geez!!! T boy, you be nice to your Momma. She is feeling like ka-ka right now.

I am glad you don't have chicken pox yet.

The kids in my house don't get to play wtih knives either; isn't life so unfair when you have a Mom to make things safe?

You tell Mom that she is in our prayers over here.

♪~Jenn~♪ said...

thanks for the update sweetie boy!....make sure you tell your mama to get some rest and drink plenty of that "off limits" water.