Tuesday, January 6, 2009

On guard...

So the day we’ve all been fighting, scrapping, chasing, studying, favor begging, notary chasing, crying, email waiting, waiting, waiting, cleaning, writing, reading, saving, driving, laughing, photocopying, blogging, praying, anxiety riding, waiting, anticipating, wondering, and hoping for came on the 30th of December 2008. Some where, under the surface, I’m really giddy, happy & relieved. On the surface, something totally different. I’m a little unsure with what to do now? I’m in such a constant state of alertness. On guard, ready to go at the next cue. The problem is, there is no next cue coming.

There is so much to do. Outside of the regular, “mom getting ready for baby stuff”. I have to get myself back to being the person that was going to make a great mom. Get my mind back in the here and now. Hardest of all, getting my body healthy and in shape to have all the energy I need to chase a little one. Granted, when that will be is not in our hands, but still… work must go on. So little by little, I’ll get back to visiting family and friends, going out for drinks, find the YMCA, get outside for walks (did you know I hiked but ONE TIME all last year!! Yup, ONCE. ME!) Refurbishing my mind and taxing my body. By the time baby and I are finally together, we will both be ready.

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