Thursday, December 4, 2008

So Cosmo...

Thursday night was a surprising fun time. I caught up with some BRLI friends at Seadog. I love these people. Or more, I love that I like them, cause we all went through some eye scratching, evil eye throwing, mud slinging with each other for 2 months last year.

My off handed comment to Trish… “Hey, what do think of a road trip sometime this winter?” was overheard, and before I knew it a plan was hatched! Quebec City for my birthday in January. Winter Carnivale!

I love spur of the moment last minute stuff. I tend to enjoy my time much better! I’m so non committal, which is why those that know me are stunned I’ve gotten this far in this intense adoption process!! (so I’ve left instructions to keep all Quebec details from me, just let me know a day in advance where to be!).

Afterward, a few of us old friends, invited a few others from a different class and had a nice dinner together. It was one of those nights that I was overwhelmed with appreciation for good friends. It even felt a little cosmopolitan (in a red neck, country fried way).

PS: Sometime in the past month, my blog has reached over 1,000 hits. I'm shocked, considering the friends that know about this blog don't ever actually go to the site, they read it via email. hmmm. I will use the site to update & educate family and (more) friends once I'm officially "waiting".

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