Monday, December 22, 2008


Quick update-
On Thursday afternoon I got word from CHSFS that my home study had been accepted. In the next breath (email) they sent me a 30 some odd page email detailing the specifics of what needed to be done in order to submit my dossier. In a totally atypical, Shannon move... I had it all done in 24 hours. By Friday morning actually!! All except one... little... step.

In retrospect, I should have hopped in the car and driven to Augusta Friday afternoon. But I'd promised mom I'd spend some time with her as she picked out a laptop for herself. Had I known the "snowstorm" predicted for Sunday night, would be still blowing around here at 10am Monday morning... I would have left Friday.

See, there are a few of the documents that need to be "State Certified". I realize I could mail them... but with Holiday mailing, I'm not taking the chance at how long it will take to get them back from a State office. So I'm driving them down to August and having them done in person. I'll find a little UPS or FEDEX place near by, photocopy everything and overnight them to Minnesota. That's the plan.

It's really really really hard, for me not to leave today and chance the blowing snow.. and chance that the lady who does these things actually braved the weather also. So... I wait. Tomorrow morning, I'm headed to Augusta. Kevin Mannix, you can keep you wild blizzard predictions to yourself, I'm going!
I see the light at the end of this tunnel!

ps- For those of you keeping track, If my dossier is approved, I "should" be done all the paperchasing and will be able to officially announce that I'm actually waiting!! Yay! I'll end there on a positive...

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Holly Fisher said...

That's great, Shannon! It feels so good to put that dossier in the mail!