Saturday, September 27, 2008

Working on the obvious...

I may be the luckiest person on earth. I realize that currently, there are many close friends and distant forum folks who are currently reading this, but bear with me as I post here for my children every once and a while. (That is of course, unless the internet has gone by the way-side like 8-track by the time they are old enough to appreciate the time and effort we put into this... maybe we'll all be communicating telepathically... or we'll revert to writing with quills dipped in ink being delivered by pony express.. who knows) I think I still have an old "Bat out of Hell" 8-track! (Yes, I'm easily distracted... oooh, something shiny...............)

What was I sa... oh
yeah. Allow me to gloat a little.

I am feeling incredibly grateful lately. The friends that surround my life truly lift me up and fuel my hope. Kids,
you probably know by now that some friends are truly forever. Others will stay for a while & go. Some will return again. There is a saying about how some people are in your life for seasons, reasons or lifetime etc., I'm not really sure how it goes or even if I understand it or agree with it completely. Regardless...

I hope you have learned the most important thing, is to take care of your relationships. It matters. It requires humility & sometimes, hard work. It always gives you joy & passion. Regardless of how long someone is, was, or will be in your life... fostering that relationship, that person, that soul, is the most important thing you can give. Even if nothing else you do in the world amounts to anything, the goodness of your soul shows in how you treat those you love.

Ask many people they'll tell you, I was late in learning this. Very. How did I miss it?? It is a typical "life lesson" in that it sounds so logical and obvious, but... daily, I have to remind myself over and over: "In the end, it is how we treated our relationships that mattered".

I am abundantly grateful for the friends that God has sent into my life. I am filled with gratitude and humbled by their generosity, kindness, patience, compassion and love. They are contagious!! I pray that one day I’ll be able to offer them all they have done for me. Thank you!! To each of you… LOVE YA!! HUGS

"Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared." ~Buddha

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