Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Autumnal adventures...

This time of year is always quite full of social opportunities. Today as I write this, I'm in hope that my children, years from now, will read this and will be able to see a different side of their mom. One that they may not have had the opportunity to understand, thus far. And to know, that through all my adventures, desk jockeying, long drives, bunco games, walks, prayers and excursions, my thoughts are with you. This past week brought:

Bunco, in Old Town, ME

Lobstering in Owls Head, ME

11 hour drive West through the Berkshires

Along the Erie Canal

To Rochester, NY and 11 hours, back home
(I had pictures, but files were too big...)

Finally, a Trek on own 2 feet

And Harley's 4

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