Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Verbal Filter Learning....

Ok, so I'm sure this is another one of the many times we'll cover this topic. We are all friends here and those of you that know me well will understand my often sarcastic and inappropriate reactions and comments to odd situations (i.e. people). I hope as I venture further down this path of bringing my children home, my patience & understanding will increase. (and I've saved up enough dough for the super max verbal filter)

Case #1- Meat section. Meet old HS friends mother. We precede to hug and say hello, how is the fam etc... etc.. etc... and I hear...

"So sweety, when are ya gonna get yaself a man and have some babies? It's about time ain't it?"

Yup. Just like that. Now I know this women was well intentioned, and although she has no sense of boundaries, is a very nice and kind woman. And yet, I can not imagine any situation, regardless of the people involved when that is an appropriate question/comment?

Lesson: Turn filter ON even when considering what someone has for a parenting/marriage/ procreation/ boyfriend etc plan.

Saving for a high volume verbal filter of my own... (mines been on the blink for some time now...) Shannon

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Rae said...

Seriously. And, really, what is an appropriate answer that doesn't make one of you feel bad?