Saturday, August 23, 2008

Baby Steps...

Exciting exciting news! Ashlee is home with her beautiful boy! He's got these great big brown eyes that just pull you in. Congrats Ash!

More baby steps:
  • Rick has arrived and will be putting in new windows and a door in September. Although not directly related to the adoption time line, these will need to be done before the Home study can be completed.
  • -I've made ANOTHER doctors appointment so they know what to write on 2 more medical reports that need to be filed. It's frustrating they won't just call and talk to me because the insurance won't cover these, "fill out form" exams. arrrg. I keep reminding myself it does no good to get frustrated now, there will be many of these little hold ups and "time suckers" along the way.
  • My CHSFS application is complete and submitted (adoption placement agency out of Minnesota). They have sent me some information on some of the dossier work I can be getting started on at the same time as the home study. This is where I get intimidated. I know some people who have finished all this stuff in a week or two. I can't imagine how?

Baby steps... Baby steps... all in the right direction.

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