Friday, August 15, 2008

Give us THIS DAY...

I was reminded today of a couple things-
  • 1st- I can not give what I do not have.
  • 2nd- I can not plan for tomorrow, I must take care of today.
After 2 weeks of having nothing to offer spiritually and emotionally to any of the many priorities going on right now, I must keep reminding myself of these 2 things. I have not gone hiking yet this year. Nope. Not once. For me that is like vacation and nothing fuels the tank like getting turned around and ending up finding a beautiful spot somewhere on a hill. So tonight the dog & I went on a new local trail and purposefully took no map. Fuel for the soul!

The homestudy visit went well. But ever since, I’ve been obsessing with the follow up questions they need answers for. I have been trying to do the “responsible” thing and accommodate for all possible scenarios that the future may or may not hold... the reality is, it’s a stupid thing to attempt. It works for some. Clearly for me, it’s like putting my feet in concrete. No more. From now on I'll trust that the future will be just fine if I'm following the right path through this adoption adventure.

Take care of today. God will take care of tomorrow.

Woods bound, Shannon

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