Thursday, July 17, 2008

Following in the footsteps….

I met a young lady recently who preparing to bring her son home from Ethiopia, made a very perceptive suggestion.

"You have to correlate every step of the adoption process to the pregnancy process. Everyone knows what to be excited about and concerned about during pregnancy, but they have NO IDEA during an adoption."

I can not begin to express how prophetic that sounded. (Thanks Ash!)

After I decided to finally start building my family, the first step... I'm talking THE VERY FIRST REAL STEP... was to ask friends (not even family) to write a recommendation letter that has very specific criteria. This is not just some easy to write employment recommendation... this is serious stuff! It is very personal and hard, to ask people you care about to become emotionally invested in whether or not you will have a family. It seems like too much to ask so soon.

Lets take Ashlee's advise and relate this to getting pregnant: Can you imagine, before trying to get pregnant, you had to ask friends to literally give their blessing, IN WRITING and have it NOTARIZED, before you could "venture" further? It's not just friends mind you: I had to get documented blessings from my doctor, insurance company and soon from the US Government.

Currently, my home-study paperwork is complete and received by MAPS. I should be notified soon who will be my assigned social worker. Then the social worker will take 2-4 months (pray for 2) to complete my home-study. For those of you trying to relate: I've made the appointment with the OBGYN office to confirm pregnancy, but haven't even been in to pee in the cup yet. That is how early we are in this.

Keep fingers crossed and prayers flying!

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dogshow01 said...

I am sooo proud of you! I will keep you in my prayers as you have always been close to my heart.
Randa Jean