Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ain't no mountain High enough... Ain't no Valley low enough...

As I'm looking at the title of the compass picture to the right here... something suddenly hit me. There are times when I'm struggling to decide what direction to go in, trying to take into account all the differing possible options and what lies ahead. Rarely do I feel good about the decision after going through all that. More importantly, it causes worry & anxiety and I takes away from the when and where of the moment.

When I'm in the woods hiking, I rarely ask "where am I going...?" and never "where am I?". I'm just so consumed with my current surroundings, firm footing for the next step and the wonder of what is around the corner and committing to that path regardless of the terrain.

Hmmm. Mental note to self when floundering: Should I buy a new house? Should I build? Should I move to Orono? Move closer to the boys?
Should I Adopt? International or domestic? What happens if… What about… Here’s my answer: I’ll know the answer when I need to know it.

Well that's the 2nd surprise in a week... Shannon commits! (oh, hush up you three!)

Reflecting: I may have been a bit misleading in the last post. I should admit, that pain hits me every time I leave those boys. Usually right at the moment the jet engines accelerate and my insides scream to stop and get off the plane. Latitudinal distance separates us and has for years now. But, it remains true, they are a part of me, part of my soul. I can only pray for 3 things: That my heart is as wise and loving as their own mother has been in raising them; That I feel as bonded to my own children as I do those two young men; and that God keeps them all safe, happy, warm, loving & generous.

Peace out.(Cat Stevens on iTunes this evening!)

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