Friday, February 22, 2013

Bruised Reeds...

He was speaking about broken children. Children torn apart. He was speaking of the addicted ones. The juvy detention ones.

I was hearing it in context of my child.

Isiah 42:3
Bruised reeds. He will not break the bent ones.

"My job is to speak the truth. Speak it in love. And let God take care of their hearts."

Sometimes, I get in the way. I try to fix, and heal. Figure out the past.

Cause a momma's heart want to go back and take away that pain. A momma's heart wants to be there with him through it all. Make it not hurt.


The pain is not mine. The past is not mine. The healing power is not mine. Let go and let God. (How many times have I had to relearn? How many more?)



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Eleanor said...

Oh dear God. How much this is what I'm dealing with right now. I'm trying to uncover and unravel and really I'm trying to do His job. Thanks for this powerful reminder.