Thursday, February 17, 2011

He's forgetting and I'm praising...

He's forgetting things. Seriously. Minor things. Names of people he met 2 weeks ago. The way to a cousins house he's been to once. These were once details he'd never let slip away. He'd grasp onto EVERY detail of EVERY THING like.... like... well, like his life may depend on it one day.

I started noticing it a couple weeks ago. (As we were walking out of our small backward slide of January) Suddenly, he pointed to the wrong street to go to Morgan's house. Then, he forgot his speech therapists name.

You may say- oh- kids always tease and ask you to repeat things they know the answer to!


He only met her once, how is he expected to remember her name?


Why would a three year old remember the way to drive to his cousins house?


Yes. He does the ridiculous 3 year old thing of asking the same question he knows the answer to 400 times a day--- this is NOT THAT.

He's been able to point the way to the YMCA since his 2nd ride in the car 2 weeks after he got home. This kid has never let anything escape him. N.O.T.H.I.N.G. He's never forgotten a face a name a place a door or what is behind that door. NEVER! until recently...

He's letting things go. THIS IS TIME TO REJOICE PEOPLE!!  

Fear is subsiding. (knock on wood)

Comfort in his mother for safety may be taking hold. (knock again, cross your fingers and say a prayer)

See how much fun it can be to just let go baby!

There are a few things I've done that may have helped this along- but- he's done all the work. He's struggled and had far more patience than I can muster. He's fought for me, and I've needed to put on my big girl pants and live up to the Momma he's needed. I fail miserably... often. But He is a loving God. And He is a healer. My son is healing. Yippity Skippity Doo Rah Dance!


ETA- Let's not get too carried away. Today was a PT appointment and the lady who first did his eval A YEAR AGO walked into the waiting room and he jumped up, said "HI Peg", took her hand and led her into the room we had been evaluated in 2 weeks after he was home. She was NOT his therapist today, but he still remembered her, her name, the room, and what was in the locked cabinet inside that room- a YEAR LATER!


Gretchen said...

Oh sweet little boy. Praises to God for small miracles and even BIGGER ones!!! I am glad he is finally beginning to just LET GO!!!

Chrissy said...

wow...i never realized that that was a bonding/trust thing? I just have thought that B was very bright and had a good memory.....I will have to pay attention to this!

scooping it up said...

this is awesome. you are such a good teacher to us all. miracles my dear, for you and T-money.

have i mentioned that the pics you've got going are simply lovely? you are a very attractive family.

the pages still load slowly for me, but don't worry, i will always read you forever. :)