Saturday, May 22, 2010

Seriously past due- another extention??

I'm trying to write this months update. Really I am. I have notes and pictures saved... but the words are not there yet. For the time being- please still love us both and savor the eye candy...

Oh-- did I fail to mention his recent cooperation with taking photos...  We paid a lady $100 to take our pictures on a beautiful day with the gardens all abloom... and he ran from the camera the entire time!

From a distance, not so bad.  Yes- get used to the length of the 'shorts'. Appearently all shorts are 'capris' length on my 50%ile height son.  I did manage to find a decent pair of 18mo ones that weren't 'babyish' that fit him fine.  But.. these are not them. These are 24 mo.  Yes my son is 3 years old.   Love you all and I promise to write again very very very soon!  I swear.. if he stays asleep it could be posted tomorrow!! WOW!

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{Staci} said...

we have capri shorts too. :)

His hair looks awesome, BTW, in these shots.

Dude, our agency called today and gave us a travel date: it's in 12 days. Holy shit, huh?