Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Frock o do...

A long long long time ago (long before meeting or even seeing my son) I toyed with the idea of locking my sons hair.. that is... if i was referred a boy) (let me rephrase that- I was dreaming and looking at the POSSIBILITIES of hair care).  And then I got thinking about a little girl and got lost amongst the lotions, butters, braid patterns, equipment, treatments, masks, ........ yes I could go on.

Then I met my Son. He has this really really soft coiled hair. Very soft defined coils. You could say- it is coiley. (some of you will now commence a knowing snicker)

It is also- light in color. At least lighter than all of the kids that were at the care center that I met the week I was there. It is likely attributed to his malnourishment history, but it may just be lighter?

At one point his hair was a blondish red. Later on- after months of care and treatment- they shaved his hair and it started growing to look this

This picture from the first week home- you can see his very defined coils. (and that malnourishment is not an ongoing concern...)

Those coils are still there... and sometimes... they just "POP"- like the day of his BDay party

And yet, they are slowly getting buried. Buried by frizz .. as noticed here

And here....

They really are still there- but it's not the first thing you see. In fact- I started grabbing all those "fly away" bits and putting little finger curls in them. And that actually looks nice- but not practical for an everyday thing (FOR CRYING OUT LOUD-- I'm still not showering every day! lets not add another item to the childs grooming routine!)  The once go-to daily spritz of water/jojoba/conditioner mix is no longer working it's magic of regrouping those flyaways.


I got curious. and... started go. ogling and u-tubing and well...

I bastartized all go.ogle instructions and violated all u-tube warnings and trimmed up my 3 year old sons frock o' do.

Apparently I was supposed to use a rat tail comb to section the hair (i imagine precisely) twist it and snip the ends.  I'm completely paraphrasing some really long detailed instructions. So as you can imagine- it probably wasn't what I was supposed to do and I just made it all up as this research was conducted way too late in the evening.

Being that he was remarkably cooperative- i have no rat tooth comb- and precise is not a concept I've ever mastered...

You may see him wearing a collection of "hat wear".

Nah- just kidding... actually- these photos I took after combing out his hair so the coils are less 'together' but- it actually looks pretty much like it did a few weeks ago. I think I need to keep up on it- and get some professional help but ... not too bad for a first go round.  Maybe a B-

What do you think?  Any pointers?


Jennifer M said...

I think it looks great! You did a wonderful job.

I did the same to Gav over Easter weekend as I couldn't stand the frizz any longer. I could have used a whole bottle of hair lotion, and his sides would have still frizzed. So snip-snip went Mama.

I've noticed T's lighter hair color and I love it. The one thing I've noticed about Ethiopian kids is how vastly different the hair textures and colors are. The variety is astounding and beautiful.

And yeah, the coiley comment made me snicker. I'm like that. :-)

Queen Of The Castle said...

Bear's hair is starting to do the same thing. He has such sweet little "coils", but they are starting to be burried under all that frizz. I thought maybe I just need to change/expirement with more/different products. I guess maybe he just needs a hair cut. Don't know if I am brave enough to do it myself though. Way to go - he looks darling. Cute, cute boy!!

kristine said...

He seems to have hair similar to Quinn's. Q's is baby fine coils that get very frizzy without moisture. We rarely shampoo. In the winter maybe once a month. Really. In the summer maybe once a week but that really depends. What we do do however is condition. We ONLY use a wide toothed comb. Really wide. When we bathe we condition only. Only organic stuff the others are too heavy and too chemically. Every morning I wet a little bit and put carol's daughters leave on conditioner on it. That brings out the curl. Q's skin is very dry especially his scalp. Obviously very different from mine as 2 days without shampoo and I'm a greasy mess.
Good luck!
Also, locks (which Yancey had for years) are a lot of work! Much more than condition and comb. IMO.