Thursday, September 3, 2009

How is it...?

How is it that as a single woman, I have been quite "comfortable" (yes, you may read lazy) in basic household tasks.

How is it that it that I can go grocery shopping and spend 3 days bringing in them in the house a little at a time?

How is it that I can let dirty laundry pile up to the point of creating a dangerous mound?

How is it that I think it's 'OK' to buy new socks and underwear, " to get through the week", rather than wash the many I have?

And yet-- now that I have a little one on the way- his things wait for nothing! Upon arriving home with a pile of great thrift store finds they are immediately washed, dried, folded and hung in the closet? And yet-- I still had to throw my OWN shirt in the dryer this morning - "to get the wrinkles out" - cause I picked out of the clean laundry "Pile".

hmm- my quest to be a better person, be the person I need to be, may finally be taking hold. Well.. little by little anyway... Baby steps. Baby steps.

ps- yes. the fact that I have enough clothes to create a dangerous 'mound' bothers me. It feels useless, unnecessary and excessive. There are some real actual reasons for it- but none that make it 'right'. Little by little- we're getting there.


Gretchen said...

Hmmmm.....I know why.......Because you're a MOM!!!!! I always let my own things fall in order for my kids to get done first. They get haircuts before me, clothes before me, their laundry gets done first, they eat first.....the list goes on and on. Just wait mama, it WILL get worse. And it is SO worth it!!!! :0)

Staci said...

You are not alone - I am stellar about my kids' laundry. I toss my underwear on the floor with reckless abandon until my husband starts looking at me judging eyes. Baby steps indeed. I will email you about making the bloggy wider tomorrow. I am terrible at all things internet and html, so I need to look at my template and see what I tweaked in my moment of "figuring it out" 6 months ago... it had something to do with changing the html slightly. I am so excited about your proposal and hope us locals can form a happy collective for sure. I am actually going to ME tomorrow to hit up Kittery Outlets. We are def not too far for playdates. :)