Sunday, September 13, 2009

Do you ever...

Do you ever...
  • -get yourself in a rut?
  • -get so many half finished work projects going you literally have the image of the juggler with balls in the air in your mind 24/7?
  • -get so caught up in your own sh.. umm, stuff.. that you forget to be sociable?
  • -consider, 5 minutes of leaving messages on Facebook, as 'reaching out to friends' ?
  • -get invited to a celebratory dinner feast and compliment the chef so much, she wonders if there is, perhaps, something mentally wrong with you?
  • -enjoy an evening with very supportive and learned friends and realize you may have monopolized each and every conversational point relating it back to your own shi... umm, stuff? (see next)
  • -forget HOW to be sociable? 
  • -ever forget that little boys have big ears and let a few cusses fly in his presence?
  • -ever had a meal as good as the spread Ashley prepares for Ethiopian New Year? 
  • -ever go to work and wonder if you rinsed the shampoo OR conditioner out?
  • -ever get up from the potty, rush to wash hands, try running down hall and realize your pants are still around ankles?
  • -ever look at someone you speak to, most every day, and can't find their name in your head.... anywhere?
  • -feel so sick you instinctively want to curl up in the fetal position... until you realize your conducting this meeting?
  • need a sick day to recover from being sick?

No??? Never?  ....Yeah... Me neither.

Thank you Ashlee and Ryan for thinking of me, inviting me and dealing with my crazy madness. Melkam Addis Amet!!


rebekah said...

Yes. Also, yes. And, yes.

Why aren't we fb friends? I could update you in 5 words or less!

Leesavee said...

Melkam Addis Amet, Shannon!!!

Staci said...

i will admit, i've never had the pants around ankles thing, BUT I have sat down to pee only to relize the toilet lid was shut and i am peeing all over the place. it wasn't pretty. um, you've got a lot going on. I mean, among other things you're entering motherhood. Did no one ever tell you that the moment one becomes a mother brain cells start dying?