Monday, June 15, 2009

Peace at a crossroad...

Sorry for the absence. I’ve had some really great days.

For posterity sake: I’ve reached another of those, gut wrenching cross roads. I’m finding that making these decisions often is not as hard as actually having the question laid before me. I have to admit, these big, giant heart aching crossroads are exhausting and I sometimes feel “broken” when they show up.

I also have to admit that- I know, beyond a doubt- that at this moment in time- tonight as I sit here and write this- I’m not ready to make this decision. I’m not ready. Not yet.

It is tempting. But temptation has been lingering strong here for a few days, rearing it’s ugly head. Remember that whole “Wolf in Sheep’s clothing” analogy?

My own little "sheep in wolves clothing..."

Peace is here. It really is. It just isn’t alone, is all.

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