Saturday, March 28, 2009

Boston Marathon....

Shameless plug unrelated to Ethiopia! My dear friend Susan March is RUNNING IN THE BOSTON MARATHON!!

I have an odd fetish with runners, cadence, mobility, endurance and the big one... muscle development of athletes. It's why in this little guys picture I see a toddler on the verge of running, but not quite there. Still "toddling"

Even though the site I "borrowed" this picture from (oops, sorry) stated it was a "Marathon" runner... I look and know this woman is a "Tri-Athlete"- her muscle development and stance just scream "I'm a Tri-Athlete ppthththth". (oh, now there is my REAL obsession)

My "muscles" obsession my be the primary reason I love to watch horse races. Have you ever noticed the muscles in a racing horse. From the back to the front you can see each fiber as it fires to contract. Oh... it's amazing!

Yes. I realize I've lost you, because frankly... it is weird. Not creepy. But definitely weird. Especially if you could see that the last 7 years have left my body completely with out definition at all. Perhaps the longing for it again, is what fuels the madness??

I love to watch the lone runner in the dawn hours gliding along. I long to join him as the rythmic steps shout out to me, "I've been out here for hours already. What you been doing? Sleeping.?" Oh to be that person again. I will be. I know it. I have faith.

I may be one of the few people outside of Massachusetts that looks forward to that televised sporting event! (Didn't know they televise it? They do here in Maine and Mass.. it is a holiday don cha know!) The runners high has to be better than crack. Susan. Is. A. Runner. (capital R)

Did you know that Boston is one of only 2 marathons you must qualify for in order to be allowed into the field? The only loop hole is, there are qualified Charitable slots available, but even those are coveted, fought after and applied for years in advance.

Susan was accepted by the Dana Farber foundation to be their runner this year! Susan's uncle was diagnosed with lung cancer. It seems fitting that this would be the group she would run for.

I'm asking you to go to her donation site (linked below) and contribute to her fundraising efforts. Whether its $20 or $100, showing your support will keep her moving.. one step at a time for 26.2 miles.

Thank you. Everyone thanks you.

And shamelessly lets add him in' even those this is Dubai and not Boston.


haze said...

Best of luck to Susan!

I have run 2 half marathons but since then (2 years ago), I've hardly every laced up. I start another running class April 10 - WOOT!! I miss those early morning runs.

Liz said...

Hi Shannon - I was treated at Dana Farber in 2007 for skin cancer, so this is definitely a cause that is meaningful to me! I just donated on Susan's page.