Friday, February 13, 2009


You may be wondering why I've been taking "Blog" breaks. It's not really my Blog that is causing problems.

It seems, barely a minute can go buy without me checking the agency forum, aching to see the "R" word titling the top threads (referrals), updating my own little "list", searching for successful court dates with the accompanying photos and checking the family blog updates. When there are none, I feel defeated and mournful, hitting refresh continuously expecting the news to change.

Ladies and gentlemen; I. HAVE. A. PROBLEM.

God is not working on me to stay on my ass searching the web. Neither Blogger, CHSFS Forum, Facebook, Yahoo nor BBC are going to fulfill any need in my soul. As much as I "know" that... It's still like CRACK! After abstaining for 2 hours- a Referral could be posted. Overnight?: “Oh gosh, what happened at the Johnson-McCormicks?!”... K&O's antics can't be missed! Those at Beautiful Children: “How are they adjusting as they redefine their family?” The weekend: “What happened on the Ranch? Has Pioneer Women updated the latest chapter of her Marlboro Man’s love story?” (holy.. now that’s a heated read!!) “There must’ve been a toddler referral by now…” Julie & Steve? “Certainly they’ll see pictures of their little sibs soon…”
This is not good!!

This is like my mom used to be with her Soap Opera's back when Luke and Laura ended up on that island...


Anonymous said...

We have a new beautiful grandson, born in Ethiopia-"the light of our lives". Such wonderful children!
Add "Ethiopian Tripletland" to your must read blogs!

Ronnie and Suzi said...

Okay...this post totally makes me laugh out is so darn true!! It is like crack...I like to think of that commercial where the computer says, "sorry, but you have reached the end of the internet"...something like that needs to happen to me to get me to stop checkin in on blogs and the forum! ;) ... well, at least I'm not the only one!

Robbin said...

Hey Shannon I had to laugh too because I was thinking - some of these things are accurate, so do that make them still stereotypes???? LOL. I'm sure we will get some backlash