Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fb - The Blackhole of Time...

F@cebook is a time suck for me. This is an example.

-Clicked on a canadian friends link to a huff post news article regarding Attawapiskat. Having never heard of that name, assuming it was in regard to a native population issue, it intrigued me.

-I read the article.

-Getting less interested as it had to do with Canadian politics and the budgetary defines and codes of restriction. Yet, still. Attawapiskat. Where is that? What did I miss that this article is clearly following up on dozens of others and apparently there was a crisis. hmmm

-Interested. I went to Goggle maps and searched for it.

-Zoom out. Out. Out. Out Out. Whoa. Way up there west side of the Hudson Bay in Ontario. Pretty much where I assumed it would be but to see it on the map. oooh intrigued.

-I'm a map nerd. Actually. More of a map ho- as I have zero intellectual knowledge of maps. I just totally dig them and day dream "in the map". Totally thrilling for me. See weird. Nerd. Ho-esque.

-Airport. Single strip. Images taken in summer or painted as everything seems green. Landfill... burning. Interesting. What are those square areas? zoom closer... follow the roads. No clues as to what they are. They lie just shy of the bay itself and the road seems to have a small continuation over to the bay. Hmm. Ponder. Think. Follow the road the other way.. through town... all the way to it stops. On the edge of a river. At a large building compound area. Zoom Closer. Closer. Closer. Oh...tooo far.. back up. Does not seem to have any other road leading out. So this community is completely inaccessible except by land and water. Hmm. interesting.

-Look at clock. 30 minutes has gone by. CRAP. TIME SUCKING Fb BLACKHOLE.

It gets me EVERY TIME.

Must stay clear of the gravitational force.

My sentiments exactly!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT... LOL.. So cute!!

Barbaloot said...

Yep! I can waste as much time with an atlas as I can online. Glad I'm not alone!

The Lost Planetista said...

Perfect pictture!

Annie said...

Haha! It is a time waster, isn't it? But I can't stay away!

Kim said...

Hilarious picture! :)