Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Confessions- Ergo

I confess:

-that even with all the progression, regression and frustragression I have been lax in providing "ERGO" time. It had been months, before he requested(!) "ERGO, MOMMY. ERGO!" earlier this week. We both fit in it a little differently these days- but it does give a little intangible something...  Long lasting .... something.

-that, apparently, I reserve the right to make up words on my own blog.

-that I've been trying to attach a picture to this post for 12 hours now and it will not load- so it is late getting posted and you got no picture.

Please Forgive.


Ronnie and Suzi said...

LOL! You never cease to crack me up! I personally like the made up word and feel the need to throw random objects at my computer when it doesn't do what I tell it too...try it, sometimes it works! ;)

Anne said...

Ergo question - was the Ergo the best carrier for a toddler? My sis loved her Ergo for her tiny baby. I love the idea of a sling but wonder what would be best with a toddler, so appreciate your input, thanks!

♪~Jenn~♪ said...

ergo!!! I am sad to say that when last I lifted Noah into his ergo and hauled him up the mountain side something occurred to me: this boy who is very nearly 4 and weighs some 35 lbs has officially out grow his ergo:( I'm so sad:( the end of an era.
enjoy it while it lasts mama (even when the thought makes you twitch!, lol) because the next time you blink he'll be huge massive and the ergo will be in a box or passed down to some mama in need ((sigh))


{Staci} said...

Tell your friend Anne that I still carry my 2-4 year olds in the Ergo. It's the best!

{Staci} said...

also, i want to see a picture. i need my teg fix. ;)