Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Family Adventures ...

The first of many.

Ok- this isn't much of an update- but I haven't had time to finish the other one. So... sorry. Maybe after Christmas. But to catch EVERYONE up to date on one important note;

Travel dates are finalized and booked. Ryan and I leave January 11th. We leave Addis on the 23rd and arrive the 24th of January with the little man in tow.

Flights were finicky and difficult and although it requires 3+ days just in travel- we are both fine with it and will get us there a day earlier than necessary.

That is it!  Travel update complete~! 

For all you future travelers out there, I used Reach One travel. She does other agency bookings but hadn't been suggested by my agency. She was great- and trust me when I say, I was a PIA!! Although the prices were only slightly less than 'regular online listings' these are not tickets with a million restrictions/not refundable etc. These are good ones. (so I'm told... I haven't actually traveled yet- so what do I know... )


Our journey following Christ said...

Yea!!!!!!!! January 11th is just around the corner. Are you ready??

I'm so very excited for you.

You're right...nothing can keep family from family!


kristine said...

Yay!!! congratulations! I'm am so very thrilled for you!

What a wonderful New Years present!

Liz said...

Finally! I'm so happy you are finally traveling! Pack light ;)

Amanda said...

Hold on tight and have fun!


♪~Jenn~♪ said...

Happy travels mama!!!